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How to repair buildings after flooding - click here to see our Check List


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PRIORITY - Buy some of our Self Filling 'Sand' Bags - store flat and dry, when needed just wet the bag and the gel powder inside expands to fill it automatically. Re-Useable - dry out and re-use as many times as you like (if hung up to dry).


1. Use an Electrical Moisture Meter to check walls and floors - you are looking to bring timbers below 18% and masonry below 2%, but contaminating 'salts' may leave you with higher readings.

2. Install a Humidity Meter to monitor the dampness in the air in the building - try to bring the Relative Humidity below 60% on the meter.

3. Place Condensation Test Strips on the coldest walls - these will change colour if condensation is occurring.

4. Drill and install Dry Rot Sensors in wet walls and wood - these will change colour if Dry Rot becomes active.

5. Sterilise walls and floors with Sterilising Solution - to kill bacteria and viruses, from sewage

6. Neutralise salts in plaster using Salt Neutraliser before plastering or lining - this 'kills' the salt - salt tends to suck moisture from the air, making walls damp and ruining decorations.

7. Repair timber floor joists with Bower Beam repair plates - joist ends can be saved, no need to scrap good timber.

8. Repair large floor timbers with Timber-Resin Splice Kits - no size or span limits, retain all sound wood.

9. Treat joists and Beams with Boron Gel and Paste - no need to scrap damp wood, Boron based preservatives kill all rots, Guaranteed.

10. Seal damp concrete or solid floors with Epoxy Seal Coating - no need to wait until dry, full vapour barrier.

11. Damp proof walls with Ultra Proof Cream injection DPC - no smell, quick and clean to install.

12. Tank all below ground walls with Tanking Slurry coating - easy to apply waterproof paint, water based.

13. Replaster partly damaged walls with Renderproof in sand and cement - this concentrate acts as a waterproofer, salt inhibitor and plasticiser. The sand and cement holds back any 'salts' in the wall, preventing damage to skim plaster and decorations.

14. Line all totally stripped walls with Mesh Membrane - dimply, plastic sheet - allows direct plastering or lining with boards for instant dry walls - no need to delay decorations.




A typical electrical moisture meter - ideal for checking walls, floors and timbers.



A typical Humidity Meter - vital for monitoring the drying out process





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