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A 'damp meter' and surface thermometer (see www.dampness-info.co.uk/meters.htm)are useful tools for this diagnosis - if not available use the back of your hand to assess the relative dampness of one affected area to another unaffected area..

Electro Osmosis - this method of damp proofing introduces a very tiny and low voltage electric charge in the wall just above ground level via a series of titanium anodes inserted into the masonry. Its effect is to repel the rising damp water molecules back down the walls and harmlessly into the ground. As long as this tiny electrical charge is flowing, the walls remain dry and totally damp free.

This Electro Osmotic System has been installed in over 200,000 properties worldwide since 1978.

Architects across the world specify the system, which is particularly effective in difficult conditions such as rubble filled walls, stone walls and highly porous brickwork where traditional injected DPCs are ineffective.

The system of Electro Osmosis is backed by both a 20 year Product Guarantee and a 20 year fully Insurance Backed Guarantee.

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Replastering Notes: don't forget that replastering is essential if dampness has affected your plaster because of the 'salts' that come with the water: you have two options - either replaster to our specification using sand and cement, with Renderpruf salt inhibitor/waterproofer in the water or look at the Wall Membrane option. Wall Membranes offer a considerable improvement over sand and cement - they produce a warmer surface, can be insulated easily and can be directly plastered with lightweight, modern plasters, like Carlite Bonding.

For easy fix Membrane information go to: www.drywallandfloor.co.uk



How Rising Dampness is Blocked

Before Treatment

After Treatment






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How to install an Electro Osmotic damp proof course


First, check for high ground levels, leaking gutters and downpipes, water leaks. A Damp Proof Course must be at least 6 inches (150mm) above abutting ground level (whether internal or external), to avoid splash up or 'bridging'.

1. Drill 20mm diameter holes at 120mm intervals in the mortar course selected to be at least 150mm above outside or abutting ground level. Blow or vacuum holes to remove dust.

2. Fit the 2mm diameter continuous Platinum coated Titanium Electrode wire loops into the holes.

3. Inject the special Grout from the bottom of the hole outwards until the hole is full.

4. Connect up to the Earth (ground) connection and the Power Box (transformer).

5. Replaster or Membrane the internal surfaces.

6. Treat any skirting boards or joinery with Boron Ultra Gel.

Replastering to a minimum of 1.2 metres internally, to our specification, using sand and cement and Rendapruf integral waterproofer, is required to finish the job and to prevent 'salts' damage to plaster finishes and decorations.


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