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Things you need to know before buying anything:

1. Do NOT buy any Damp Proofing Cream - unless you definitely know why you have a damp problem.

Why - FACT - true, natural rising damp is rarely the problem.

Why - FACT - because damp proof courses rarely fail.

2. Do NOT take any notice of Damp Meter Tests - these Meters to NOT measure dampness and are frequently used incorrectly.

Why - FACT - because house holders see Meter Readings, or see red lights or hear loud beeps and are told these indicate Rising Damp, when there is no proper evidence to support this statement.

Why - FACT - because all the experts agree: you cannot confirm Rising Dampness using a conductivity Damp Meter alone.

3. Do NOT buy Damp Proofing Cream on Price - creams on their own are usually wasted.

Why - FACT - you cannot put the cream down a hole accurately without a calibrated Skeleton Gun and an Extension Tube.

Why - FACT - so little pressure is required to inject cream that most people waste most of their cream, which is pushed into cracks, fissures and holes inside the wall.

Why - FACT - because most people, and many damp proofing companies, put the Cream in the wrong place.

Why do we believe in the Ethical Sales of Damp Proofing products?

1. We believe in only selling products that work - most Damp Proofing products are wasted money, because the problem is NOT naturally Rising Damp, or not that alone.

2. We believe in selling Damp Proofing Cream with the correct parts - a tube of Cream on its own is useless: you need the correct Extension Nozzle, a professional Calibrated Skeleton Gun and a Drilling Template, plus correct Re-plastering Instructions.

3. We believe that you, the Customer, is King - we will always try to help solve your dampness problem, not just sell you a product. The product alone is NOT the answer to your problem - it must fit the diagnosis.

Our Definition of Ethical Advice - when nobody is trying to sell you anything.

Things that you can do about a damp problem:

1. Call us for free Advice - 01626 331351 - or send us some photos, taken from inside and outside - we'll call you to suggest the cause -

Once we have helped determine the cause:

2. Buy some Damp Proofing Cream - inject your own new Damp Proof Course - to see prices and buy click here

3. Replace your damaged wall plaster - have a look at your choices below - to see prices and buy click here

1. Free Advice - what could the problem be?

Rising Dampness

Can you see a 'tide' line or damp stain above the skirting board up to a height of about 6" - 18" (150mm - 450mm). Are the skirting boards damp or rotten?

Then it may be Rising Dampness - check exterior ground levels are at least 6 inches (150mm) below the Damp Proof Course level, check that the wall plaster does not 'bridge' the DPC or go down to a solid floor. True Rising Dampness is caused by natural dampness in the ground, but man-made faults can increase the effect or bypass the existing damp proof course.

Rising Damp - note solid skirtings bridging to the floorRising Damp - moisture rising from the ground

Typical Rising Damp tide line, plaster bubbling - water rises (in blue).


Install a DPC and Replaster to our Specification - use Renderproof Waterproofing Additive. Or, line the bare wall with our Air Gap Membrane on the inside, plus Insulation and Plasterboard. This will really help to warm up the wall and save energy. It reduces the risk of Condensation and Mold - decorate using Anti Mold Emulsion or Anti Mould Additives in the paint or wallpaper paste.

Also, check your neighbouring properties - are their floor levels above yours? Have they replaced any timber floors with concrete of filled in a basement? Councils often raise the level of the roads and pavements over the years, people often raise the level of their gardens, or build things (like steps) against the house wall.

We can help you with Rising Damp advice - just call 01626 331351.

Penetrating Damp

If the damp is higher up the wall or patchy, its more likely to be Penetrating Dampness - check the exterior walls for defects, check gutters and downpipes, check the pointing in the joints, treat with Ultra Proof or DrySeal.

Penetrating Damp patches - floating above the damp proof course

Typical Penetrating Damp - floating patches above the skirting.

Penetrating Dampness can be caused by poor joints in the brickwork, blocked cavity walls, holes drilled for cables or pipes, poor mastic around doors or windows, cracked or hollow external render as well as leaking gutters and downpipes.

We can help you with Penetrating Damp advice - just call 01626 331351.


Can you see any 'black spot' mold? Then Condensation must have formed at some time (use our Condensation Test Strips to confirm). Check ventilation and heating - redecorate with our Anti Mould Cleaner, Anti Mold Emulsion or Anti Mould Additives in the paint or wallpaper paste.

If you have a cavity wall (check the brickwork pattern on the outside - longwise only bricks indicate a cavity construction) you might have some dirty wall ties, giving rise to 'cold spots'. These can be cleaned by taking out individual bricks.

If you have a solid wall fitting our Air Gap Membrane on the inside, plus Insulation and Plasterboard, will really help to warm up the wall and save energy. It reduces the risk of Condensation and Mold - decorate using Anti Mold Emulsion or Anti Mould Additives in the paint or wallpaper paste.

Black Mould - condensation problem on a cold corner

Black Spot Mould growing on plaster in cold corners - may have an outside cause.

We can help you with Mold advice - just call 01626 331351.

Chimney Salts and Chemicals

Have you got isolated damp patches that come and go, particularly on or next to chimney breasts? Then you may have 'hygroscopic' (means "attracts moisture from the air") salts and chemicals from burning wood and coal, which have bled through the plaster. Sometimes they show up as brown or yellow stains, particularly in wallpaper. Treat with Salt Neutraliser and replaster to our 'tanking' specification using BondAcryl.

In severe cases it is best to use the Mesh Membrane wall lining system, rather than 'tank' or replaster - chimney salts can burn back through even the best render backing coats sometimes.

Chinney salts spoiling decorationsChimney Stack in the roof

Chimney Salts can come and go with the weather - even in the roof space.

We can help you with Chimney Salts advice - just call 01626 331351.

Fluffy White Salts

You have none of the above - but the walls or floors are visibly salty? Then you may have a water leak topping up your soil under your property - follow the water leak testing routine - click here.

Salty angle beadSalts pushing tiles off a wallSalts bursting through plaster

Salts rusting an angle bead in plaster. Salts pushing tiles off a wall and bursting through plaster.

We can help you with Water Leak Testing advice - just call 01626 331351.




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